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Our team of Dental Specialists teach other dentists how to perform dental treatments and are leaders of the profession. Prosthodontists are the grand architects, that design and orchestrate the master plans that all other specialists and general dentists follow. Consult with us today for a master plan for your dental health and well-being.



Dr. Chang-Hee Michael Chang


Dr. Ghada Soliman


Dr Michael Chang (Chang-Hee)

Raised in the multicultural suburb of Eastwood, Michael studied dentistry at the University of Sydney to fulfil his childhood dream. In 2005, he obtained a Bachelor of Dentistry with Honours and started work in private practice. 

After 7 years of service as a general dentist, Michael travelled to the United States and spent a year under the tutelage of world-renowned surgeon Professor Peter Moy at UCLA, and received full-time clinical training in implant surgery.
In 2015, he returned to Sydney, to be trained as a Specialist in the field of Prosthodontics, finally being awarded a Doctor of Clinical Dentistry in 2017 and admitted into the prestigious Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons in 2018. 

Michael has a special interest in dental implants, digital technologies and teaching. Currently, Michael is the course co-ordinator for Pre-clinical Fixed Prosthodontics at the University of Sydney, School of Dentistry.
In his spare time he builds personal computers and enjoys a good movie and a cuppa. 
Michael’s all time best movie recommendations:
- Godfather Part 1 and 2 (but not 3!)
- Dead Poets Society

Dr Ghada Soliman

Dr Ghada Soliman is a registered prosthodontist in Australia. She graduated in year 2000 from Cairo University, Egypt with an excellent degree with honours. Her 10-year overseas experience involved working in hospital and private settings, in addition to clinical teaching at the Department of Prosthodontics, Cairo University. She became a Specialist in Egypt in 2007 when she was granted her Master’s Degree of Science in Prosthodontics. 


She expanded her career by moving to Australia after she finished her qualification recognition exams (ADC) in Melbourne 2010. She worked in private practice in Sydney for 4 years before seeking further challenges and committing to a 3-year postgraduate course of Doctor of Clinical Dentistry in 2015 at the prestigious University of Sydney. She was granted her degree as a Specialist in Prosthodontics in 2018.


She is currently working in the specialist department at Westmead Dental Hospital where she manages patients who require complex cosmetic and dental care. She is also a team member at the Westmead orofacial pain and maxillofacial cancer clinics. She is working in private practice and is a lecturer in the fixed prosthodontics course at The University of Sydney.


Her interests are cosmetic dentistry, implants, and integrated removable and fixed prosthodontics. Her rule in life and work is to always keep it simple.



In-house 3D scanning and digital planning. From single tooth replacements to complex full mouth reconstructions.

Smile Design

State-of-the-Art Digital planning and treatment

to design your dream smile

Cosmetic Veneers

Hand-crafted and personalised. Every smile is unique

Dental Crowns


Full range of material choices from natural ceramics, long-lasting gold and one-day digital crowns

Full Mouth Reconstruction


Rebuilding your teeth for complete function and confidence



Full and partial dentures for easy maintenance and peace of mind

Jaw Pain


Personlised pain management for jaw muscle and joint pain

Snoring & Sleep Apnoea


Mouth appliances to help you breathe at night. Consult your medical GP and sleep physician first

Sports Dentistry


Customised mouth guards made according to World Dental Federation (FDI) policy recommendations



Ongoing Scientific Research in collaboration with Local and International Academics 



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